A Very Hygge Christmas: Snuggling Up at Home

close up of christmas tree and decorations

What to Wear on Christmas Day

While Christmas Night is the time for fashionable outfits and chic ensembles, Christmas Day is all about staying at home and getting cozy with your family. If you’re a Frozen fan or an admirer of Danish culture, this is the perfect time to embrace the concept of hygge (pronounced hue-gah), which embodies the very essence of contentment, warmth, and well-being. If you’re wondering what to wear on Christmas Day to maximize your comfort, Amour Boutique has the perfect hygge Christmas ideas. Explore our top picks for winter boutique clothing and loungewear to discover a whole new world of absolute comfort!

1. Jogger Lounge Set

We’ve solved your dilemma of what to wear Christmas Day with the Amour lounge sets. Available in tons of unique prints and colors as well as a variety of comfortable sizes, this is peak winter boutique clothing. Roll out of bed without changing a thing when you wear our jogger set to bed! Just brush your hair and roll downstairs to enjoy gift-giving and hot chocolate with the family.

These sets are available separately, so you can customize your size preferences for top and bottom. Discover the ultimate comfort of an elastic waistband that’s perfect for all-day eating as well as the softness of our cotton sweater knit blends that feel amazing on your skin! Whether you prefer a simple stonewashed background with a little bit of bling or you love pastel florals that remind you that spring is coming, this Christmas hygge idea will keep you warm even when the snow is piling up.

2. Skirt Lounge Set

christmas day loungewear skirt set

If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit of fashion and a little bit of comfort, a skirt lounge set may be a perfect choice. Pairing a cozy sweater with a matching skirt shows that you didn’t just stay in your pajamas, but you made a tiny bit of effort to plan what to wear on Christmas Day.

A skirt set also makes perfect sense when you have a roaring fire going as you’re opening each of your gifts. You don’t want to get too sweaty in your excitement over the presents your family and friends give you! Besides, you can always throw on a pair of leggings to layer up for even more comfort!

3. Jumpsuit Lounger

Ever wished you could just wear a romper all day and all night long? No need to wish anymore! Amour Boutique has ultra-cute loungewear rompers that are the perfect cross between a cozy onesie and a fashionable jumpsuit. These ultra-casual daytime rompers give a nod to boutique winter clothing with full-length pants, but keep the top fun and flirty with atypical necklines and sassy embellishments. Don’t compromise cuteness or comfort when deciding what to wear Christmas Day! Get a little of both with a jumpsuit lounger from Amour.

4. Animal Print Set

christmas day animal print loungewear

Many people choose to make their Christmas Day outfit fit the holiday theme with red sweaters, green cardigans, and plenty of tinsel, but we like to stand out at all times. With an animal print lounge set from Amour, you get the same cozy comfort — now with a little ROAR! Explore cheetah and leopard designs to add a bit more flair to what you wear on Christmas Day and explore your wild side. Maybe if you’re lucky, your family gets the hint and gifts you with even more animal print clothing, shoes, and accessories.

5. Biker Set

Biking shorts aren’t just for working out anymore! With the Amour biker lounge set, you can enjoy the comfort and flexibility of a minimalist, sleek outfit that never lets you down. A basic oversized tee and shorts that reach your mid-thigh provide the perfect amount of coverage and coziness. This is a peak Christmas hygge idea that we can totally get behind. Pair this outfit with a festive hat and shawl to complete a look that will have everyone wishing they thought of this when planning what to wear on Christmas Day!

6. Lounge Shorts Set

But, wait! If biker shorts aren’t exactly “you”, we have another flirty option. The loungewear shorts set offers you the ultimate blend of our jogger and biker lounge sets. A hoodie or comfy sweater paired with loose shorts that have an elastic waistband and drawstring tie come in all your favorite colors and prints. Explore tie-dye designs, solid gemstone hues, plush animal prints, and even heathered fabrics for more versatility than ever! The best thing about these shorts sets? They come separately to let you mix and match sizes, styles, materials, and colors.

7. Slippers

christmas day tie-dye fabric short set

What you wear Christmas Day is about more than just your outfit — it’s about your feet too! We believe no loungewear look is complete without a pair of the fluffiest slippers available. Find themed slippers with Rudolph’s nose or reindeer antlers, or stick with the classic camel suede and alpaca fur for a style that everyone absolutely loves.

When it’s time to head outdoors, don’t forget to keep your feet toasty when shopping boutique winter clothing for the holiday season with a pair of boots or booties to complete any outfit!

Shop for Christmas Day

Amour Boutique is proud to carry a huge selection of styles and sizes to guarantee that everyone can find something to love in our online boutique. From sweater dresses to actual sweaters, everything you want is here. Shop for yourself and your loved ones in the same place when you explore our store today to find what to wear Christmas Day and all holiday season long!