Trends and Fall Fashions for 2020

fall leaves on a line

The year 2020 has been a busy year. There is so much going on that sometimes it’s hard to think about anything but the present moment. But here at Amour Boutique, we’re looking ahead. Fall is coming. Fall is such an amazing season, so we think that’s worth celebrating. In this article, we’re going to be looking at fall fashions for 2020, so you can be prepared for the top trends.

Keep It Fall Forward

Even in this ever-changing world, there are still good things to hold onto and trends are things we can get behind changing. We love that our New Arrivals page is constantly evolving to bring you the top trending and most fashion-forward items on the market. Here are some of the trends and fall fashions for 2020 to watch out for this year.

woman in floral romper

Trendy Rompers: Rompers are back, friends. Let the good times romp and roll. Some may think of rompers as a summer piece, but they are perfect for all seasons. Trendy rompers are ideal for fall because you’ll always be prepared, no matter what the weather springs on you that day. On warmer days you can go with the romper,  but on cooler days, you can wear it with a cute cardigan or blazer.

Love the Layers: This is a tried and true trend. Fall fashions for 2020 are all about practicality, as well as style. Embrace layers. Enjoy it. Feel free to wear the adorable bodysuit even if it’s chilly, bring a sweater. Sweatshirts are a girl’s best friend in the fall, so make sure to have one on hand. Fall is also the perfect time to break out that adorable new jacket you just had to have.

star print sneakers

Not-So-Sneaky Sneakers: Sneakers used to just be for kids starting school in the fall, but now they’re a hot trend for adults, too. The perfect pair of sneaks can totally make an outfit. Plus, they can go with pretty much everything fall fashions 2020 related. Ideal for running errands, brunch with the girls, or just hanging around, sneakers are the way to go. Wear some with a chic pair of jeans (also “in” this season) and you will rock the fall look.

Fall in Love This Season

There are many ways to love fall. Amour Boutique is sure you’ll look amazing no matter what you wear. Strut your stuff in our fall fashions 2020 styles and get free shipping on orders over $50.