Loungewear used to be relegated to ill-fitting sets stuck in a drawer until bedtime. But now, like the yoga pant and athletic top, the ladies’ lounge set has evolved into an adaptable, comfortable alternative outfit finally finding its moment! Whether you’re a virtual work pro or out on a casual jaunt, a little loungewear is a comfortable (and stylish) must-have for every wardrobe.

Lounge-curious? Start your experimentation with an ultra-casual ladies lounge set that will go just about anywhere with you. A bit more of a lifetime lounger? Check out our jumpsuits and rompers. Whichever you choose, from shorts to tops to any of our trendy women's loungewear, you’ll be excelling in comfort and style, wherever the road ahead might take you.

From sunshine to nighttime, the Malibu spirit of sunny days and sea-breeze-kissed nights is alive in these ladies lounge sets. Fun with sneakers, flirty with open toes, and perfect for everything from a virtual pajama party to a night with a good book, this set is begging to land a spot in your cozy wardrobe. Check out all the loungewear that Amour Boutique has curated to keep you comfy chic, no matter your personal aesthetic. Follow us on Instagram for new arrivals, and to see all of our favorites today!

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